poet on watch


I write out of the burning need to produce, publish and read the stories of women, queer people of color and the African/American Diaspora community; to witness these stories come alive in our hearts, on the screen, on the stage, in print and in audio. I write because I am apart of a long herstory of poets that are willing to tell the truth and die for telling it. I write because I’m willing to push the edge in the language we speak so I can be a vessel for those that get stuck on the single narrative told about our lives. Welcome to my website and have a look around. Lets work together. Hire me, enjoy the poetry

and leave a comment if something moves you. 

- Poet On Watch


quote of the day

“Together we are always a work in progress and you won't know how much of a wolf I am until I stop licking your wounds.”

        -- Poet On Watch